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Germany is one of the countries with the largest economy in Europe and the fifth-largest in the world. Thus there are plenty of job opportunities for foreigners in Germany. All you need is proper guidance to Germany Career Guidance in Kerala.

Why in Germany?

Germany has one of the lowest unemployment rates, measuring 3.9% in May 2020. In some parts of southern Germany, such as Bavaria, the rate is even lower. With these lower rates, the country is not affected by skills shortages as in other countries. According to recent studies, there are around 573,000 job vacancies in Germany. This includes skilled professions as well as casual works in areas such as English teaching and hospitality. To make use of this opportunity read more about Germany Career Guidance in Kerala

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NOVA Healthcare Professionals provides expert assistance and guidance to doctors, nurses, paramedics, and healthcare trainees who wish to migrate to Germany and neighbouring countries for purposes of work and study. We organize high-quality language courses, obtain certified translations, assist with the recognition of professional qualifications, and guide candidates through the job and visa application procedure. NOVA Healthcare Professionals maintains close ties with various healthcare institutions throughout Germany. When candidates arrive there, they will be supplied with housing and health insurance, and guided through all necessary formalities. We take care of your career goals and will always make sure you reach what you dreamt for. With us Germany Career Guidance in Kerala will seem to look a lot simple.