Get ready to apply for your apprenticeship in Germany

Foreign applicants from all over the globe can obtain their German qualification as skilled employees or workers by attending a vocational training school. With the help of the qualification, the skilled employees are able to continue their work in the companies and even obtain additional educational qualifications such as Bachelor professional, Master professional and Mastercraftsman degrees. They can either use this educational qualification to become self-employed in Germany or go back to their respective home countries for working there with the foreign educational qualification.

Which foreigners can start an apprenticeship in Germany?

Foreigners from all countries in the world can start an apprenticeship in Germany. What matters is that you will require a valid German visa for that. Almost all foreigners have prospective career opportunities in the country as per the legislation. After the period of their apprenticeship, foreigners can stay back and work in Germany to pursue a prospective future ahead.

When can you start your apprenticeship in Germany?

German apprenticeship training starts every year in the months of August and September. Make sure your application reaches the authorities at the proper time. The duration for the visa application process might take 4 months of time.

How much you earn during the apprenticeship period?

You are eligible to earn a training allowance from the employer during your apprenticeship period. The monthly allowances can approximately be 600 Euros in the first year of your apprenticeship and can reach to 900 Euros in the third year of your training. You will be able to fetch the right type of apprenticeship jobs with the help of German companies and vocational training schools. The easiest, fastest and safest way to apply for an Apprenticeship in Germany is to approach a reliable German consultancy in Kerala who can assist you through the entire documentation procedures and will make sure that all the efforts taken to Apply for an Apprenticeship in Germany turn to be successful. There are numerous German consultancies out there that provide their services to Apply for Apprenticeship in Germany. However, you should approach a highly professional firm who are well versed in this field with a credible track record. This is one reason why most people approach NOVA Healthcare Professionals, located in Kochi, Kerala to Apply for an Apprenticeship in Germany. We are indeed the pioneers among all the German consultancies in Kerala and have assisted a large number of people to Apply for Apprenticeship in Germany and helped them to reach their dream destination. Looking forward to Applying for an Apprenticeship in Germany and pursue a successful professional career? Visit NOVA Healthcare Professionals at the earliest and get ready for your journey to Germany.

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