Jobs In Germany For Indians: Brief Guide For Better Understanding

Germany is one of the most affordable countries in which to study abroad and a desirable country for student job opportunities. Germany ranks among the top European countries in terms of the number of people looking for a well-paid and rewarding job.

International students can open many doors on the German job market by graduating from a German university or college. Graduates from the European Union and the European Economic Area have unrestricted access to the German labor market. Graduates from other countries must extend their stay in the country for up to 18 months after completing their studies to find work. They are, however, permitted to work during this time.

Suppose you are searching for jobs in Germany for Indians. In that case, Chemicals, engineering, electronics, IT, machinery, coal, vehicles, machine tools, food and beverages, shipbuilding, and textiles are among the main sectors in Germany that are looking for international workers. Telecoms, high-tech manufactured products, the automotive industry, banking, and tourism are just a few of the recent growth areas, so there’s plenty to choose from.

When is it best to apply for jobs in Germany for Indians?

When you’re in the country, it’s much easier to attend interviews.

This isn’t possible if you’re applying from the other side of the world. Unfortunately, as an Indian citizen, you will require a visa to enter the country. Things become a little more difficult as a result of this.

Would you be willing to spend over a thousand dollars to attend one interview, even if you didn’t have this problem?

Applying for jobs in Germany for Indians makes sense in only two scenarios, according to logic:

Industries in which face-to-face interviews are not considered a must-have, such as startups and the tech sector – primarily.

If you have already applied for (and been granted) a Job Seeker Visa, which allows you to travel to Germany to look for work and attend any interviews.

Let’s start with the first case when you are seeking Germany jobs for Indians.

The majority of German industries will want to meet you face to face and have a physical meeting with you.

The first interview may be conducted via Skype or Zoom, with the HR department leading the way. When they have a shortlist of candidates, they will usually schedule a second interview, which will most likely be with the hiring manager.

When is not the best time?

Outside of the tech industry, almost every other sector will want to meet with you. So, how will you commit to an interview if getting a visa takes several weeks, and you still need to book a flight after you get your visa?

Because you know you can’t, it’s a rhetorical question.

Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have a skill or a specialty that makes you highly employable. If you do, that’s fantastic. A prospective employer might be willing to wait while you apply for a visa to travel to Germany for an interview.

However, for the 99 percent of you who do not fit into this category, you must be physically present in Germany to have a realistic chance of landing a job offer.

A Job Seeker Visa is the simplest and most effective way to do this as an Indian citizen.